Watching, reviewing and ranting.


What is this “Watch This Film” blog, you might ask. Well, this happens to be my newly drilled drain of film knowledge which clutters up the rusty sink that I have for a brain. This film “knowledge” I speak of, has been gathered over the years slumped in front of my computer, TV and mobile phone watching one movie after the other. So it was about time that I stopped recommending and verbally reviewing films for my friends and impart it to the rest of the small number of bloggers and web-surfers that actually read film reviews the world.

This blog is going to demand some long hours and hard work, which I will diligently put in. So do make sure to drop by frequently, to check out reviews, lists and eventually polls by a film junkie who’s proud to be one. I would like to end our introduction, with some wise words from Mr. Hitchcock :

“For me, cinema is not a slice of life, but a piece of cake.”

Alfred Hitchcock

Wise words, indeed.


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