Watching, reviewing and ranting.


Popping My Cherry

Yes, I am finally doing it. After over-thinking this decision for a couple of weeks now, I have decided to get my own blog.

Being an avid reader of a quite number of movie reviewing blogs and a troubling filmaholic of Andy Dick proportions, I thought of  taking a try at it. After realizing that I have my way of fondling with word and have wasted an ungodly amount of my life trying to finish watching the .avi files of my “Watch These Films” folder, I thought why not take a shot at actually “sexing” these two up. So, after watching my gazillion-th film (Oh yeah, I kept track!) a moment ago, I thought that why not flex my still developing, skinny film-reviewing biceps.

This blog will be about movies I’ve just watched recently watched or just feel like reviewing, random rants about shenanigans in Tinsel-town and Top 7 lists that are even more random. I will try to be a faithful blogger and an even more reliable film critic, so when I say “Watch This Film”, you know that I’m as serious as that 12 minute rape scene in Irreversible (that’s pretty serious in my book).

Lastly, I apologize for the hideous banner and the cheesy tag line. Hopefully, I could get something less eye-raping soon.

So keeping this short and sweet, I wish myself luck and will be putting up a number of reviews soon while I feverishly go through the how-to-be-the-perfect-blogger articles online.